57 Hours

It took me 57 hours to get from Los Angeles to Cape Town South Africa. Yet it feels like I have not left home. I left my home in LA at 11am on Monday the 26th. Flew to Washington DC and slept about 5 hours in the Dulles Hilton. Boarded South African Airways in the morning, flew to Ghana West Africa then to Johannesburg. Went through customs, boarded a new plane and landed in Cape Town. Rented a car. Drove to our condo in the neighborhood of Clifton. Having only been here for a day, I can’t escape the feeling that I have not left home.

So much seems the same. I’m in a beach town that seems to be a close cousin to San Diego. The plants, quality of light, color of the buildings. I feel like I’m on the coast of California! My impression was only strengthened by the fact that the owner of the condo is off to San Diego for her son’s wedding. Her daughter works in New York as a yoga instructor.

The condo has a great view of the beach. The deck furniture is identical to what I have at home. The walls and furniture are done in tasteful earth tones – right out of a crate and barrel catalog. The insect that landed on my computer screen looks like it came from my back yard.

This morning I took a walk to the beach. All the houses have ADT security signs – just like in Los Angeles. Joggers and cyclist were on the street wearing colorful spandex attire. One gentleman wore a US post office t-shirt another an equinox gym shirt. The cars were the usual: Audi, Mercedes and Toyota. The bougainvillea, prickly pear cactus and palm trees – the same. I did see an unusual looking bird. A local couple informed me that it was a guinea fowl. Then the conversation turned to other things – their children in New York, this morning’s new coverage of the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas. Trippy.

I’m not saying that there isn’t an enormous amount of differences between Cape Town and the US. I just haven’t experienced any of it yet. And there is something very odd about traveling 57 miles to a place were you wake up and have Kellogg’s Honey Nut All-Bran and OJ spiked with sugar free Red Bull for breakfast.

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