Video Video Everywhere

Today I am guest-working at the downtown Los Angeles offices of The Groop. I wanted to spend an hour catching up on my “reading” and found that it was not possible. Much to my surprise, more than half of the articles I was supposed to “read” contained video.

Normally I would just plug in my headphones and consume the media in my rss inbox. However yesterday while sleep walking through LAX, I managed to step on my headphones. Not having headphones forced me to notice: A year ago this would not have been a problem. I year ago I was consuming text. Maybe I didn’t even have an RSS reader. When did I start consuming so much video?

I am not complaining. I think video is a very useful medium for communicating information. I am just surprised that video has become such a substantial portion of my information mix.

Maybe I should post this on Seesmic. 😉

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