March’s Healthy Habit – Nighttime Routine

I have been taking on a lot of new habits lately which I can list in a later post. The habit I need to create for myself is the thing I am not doing – getting to bed on time.
I am waking up every morning at 7 and I really need to try and get 8 hours of sleep – especially with my sleep apnea problems. If I’m not well rested, all other good habits and achievement become unpleasant and difficult and more importantly – I become unpleasant and difficult.

I’d like to get to bed at 11pm every work night (Sunday through Thursday).

There are some things I need to do before going to bed so in this post I am declaring that I will follow a “Nighttime Routine”.

I will do the routine at the same time Sunday through Thursday.
I will do the routine on Friday and Saturday – at some unpredictable time.

Here’s the routine:

Finish Food Diary
Write Entry in Compliance Blog
Get Computer Ready for Morning Breathing Exercises
Brush Teeth
Do Tongue Penance
Go to Bed at 11

I know the blog entry about doing the routine is in the middle of the routine. Tough. It’s convenient.
I know brushing teeth is part of grooming. Tough. It’s the “trigger” for doing “Tongue Penance.”
What’s Tongue Penance? It’s an exercise I have to do for my voice lessons.
Isn’t this a lot of be behaviors to be taking on at once? Maybe – but I have been doing this set of behaviors for weeks – just starting them too let to get to bed when I want to.

That’s it. Wish me luck. Gotta get moving to get to bed.

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