Cyborg Celebration

I had an idea for a website about Cyborgs. So much of our art has negative images of how technology is used in our body. The most modern incarnation of this cyborg monster is StarTrek’s Borg; a little farther back you find Michael Crichton’s The Terminal Man; much farther back is Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein. This annoys me. Hi-Tech devices that modify how our bodies’ functions improve millions of peoples lives every day. This includes devices like pacemakers that prevent heart failure, insulin pumps which help with diabetes, and brain implants that decrease tremors associated with Parkison’s Disease. All of these devices are nothing less than miraculous.
I would like to create a site to celebrate cyborgs. The site would allow people who are cyborgs to tell their story. Authors would post an image of themselves and a short blog describing what makes them a cyborg and how it allows them to live a healthy happy life. Perhaps the site would be called something as simple as “I am a Cyborg”. I envision people from all walks of life, all nations, all ages adding their pictures to the site. I think it would be a very cool art project and would go a long way to fighting the nasty vision of monstrous cyborgs that seems to ignore the human side of what implantable medical devices allow – happy fulfilled lives.

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