Holiday WishList

With all of this fuss about the future, what am I really interested in getting out of it and when do I think I will get it?

What: Generic Propecia
Why: Save Money!
When: June 2006

What: Universal Bluetooth Headphones
Why: Looking for one headset to mediate my audio input and interface with all of my devices
When: ??

What: Melanotan
Why: Causes body to tan without the sun. Protects against skin cancer. Looks great!
When: ?? The Australian company that is bringing this to market is taking forever.

What: Fat Insulin Receptor Gene Blocker
Why: Eat as much as you want without gaining weight. Live 20-25% longer
When: ?? Anyone want to ask Ray Kurzweil

What: Retinal Display
Why: Supports augemented reality. Would improve telepresence and enable memory assistants
When: ??

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