I love Vlingo – Voice Recognition that works!

I just downloaded a new voice recognition app to my BlackBerry. It’s called Vlingo and boy was I impressed. Every voice recognition system I have ever used has been terrible. If I am talking to an automated sales agent on the phone I always have to ask to talk to a real person. Now comes Vlingo – an application that I install on my phone.

You use Vlingo like a dictaphone. You press a button, speak and release the button. Vlingo then figures out what you were saying.

To test Vlingo I tried several test. For my first test said “Google World Peace”. Vlingo figured this out correctly. My next try was “Google Whirled Peas”. Ok Vlingo messed up on that one but it got my next request: Google Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” perfectly!

I then went on to test twittering, emailing, texting, creating notes, creating reminders and calling. When I wasn’t trying to trip the system up with Whirled Peas, it worked perfectly.

My only complaint is that in some cases you still have to look at your phone and press a button in order for Vlingo to carry out your commands. This ruls out using the Vlingo when driving but this is still an impressive and useful speech recognition application.

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