About Me

My name is Joel.

For pleasure and profit I currently work at Qualcomm. Before working at Qualcomm, I:

  • Supported Mallika Chopra’s launch of the wellness site “Intent
  • Served as Head of Technology for Dan Adler’s Power of Entertainment
  • Helped Murray and Jack Hidary launch iAmplify;
  • Lead the technology teams for several of Idealab’s portfolio companies, including EntertainNet, KidsOnline, Swap.com and Spun.com.
  • Founded Dark Carnival Online, one of the Web’s first media companies.
  • Helped write a software clone of the Macintosh for Quorum Software Systems.

I hold a B.S. in computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which is probably why people let me get away with these sorts of things.

For pleasure and less profit I have been involved in a number of other projects including

  • writing, recording and performing music
  • modeling for fashion and art photographers
  • writing prose
  • dancing
  • performing (plays, costume parties, etc.)
  • hanging out with interesting people and get into all sorts of mischief

Each of these bullets contains at least one story. With any luck I will write about them sooner rather than later.

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