Modern Men


Modern Man

During my MIT years, when I wasn’t studying for Calculus tests or dancing in a cage (that’s another story), I was in a band called Modern Man. The band had four members, all from my fraternity ADP. They were Jeet Singh (founder, lead singer, composer), Joe Chung (base player, backing vocals), Mike Fleshman (guitar), and yours truly (keyboard with a bit of lead singing). We wrote and recorded our own music and played around boston. It’s been decades so I am hoping that instead of threatening me with legal action for posting their music the band will refresh my memory with some entertaining stories to add to this post. A few things I do remember are:

  • Performing at one rather famous place for live music (the name escapes me but I’ll update the blog once I get the story straight) and seeing that tons of bands had signed their names on the dressing room wall including “The Cars” and “The Ramones”.
  • Playing at the Battle of the Bands at Harvard and almost cracking open someones skull when I kicked the mic stand onstage (oops)
  • Playing at our frat for a crowd of screaming women with big bows in their hair (our Fab Four Moment for sure)
  • Getting airplay on Boston’s local alternative radio station WFNX.

I can’t think of any funny PG-13 stories about the band at the moment but I did want to post some of our music for old times’ sake.

Forever Lover You Are Escape with Me Tomorrows All Right

PS. Thanks to David Eccles for pulling all of this music off of a 23 year old DAT tape that’s been through a lot.

PPS. All you facebookers will have to go to my site ( until I get this music player thing sorted out.

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  • Joe Chung

    Hmmmm – I seem to remember lots of girls handing their phone numbers to you after the shows…

  • Steve Bergstein

    Very cool, Joel. I remember when MM won battle of the bands at MIT. Were you part of the band at that time?

  • K3rM1t

    Seriously, you guys could have been in Real Genius.

    That is such an awesome picture! If I had to guess what a MIT band from 23 years ago looked like, I would have hit it right on the head with Modern Man!

  • Egads!

  • Joe George

    Wasn’t there a song called “Showtime?”?

    Or was that post-Fleshman?