Stop Censorship

Today is the day!

While the House of Representatives discusses America’s first system for censoring the internet, sites everywhere are sending their users to contact Congress to stop this bill.

Click here to write Congress now

Huge sites like Boing Boing, 4chan, Reddit, Mozilla (on the Firefox start page!) are participating, and more are joining fast. If you have a blog, a Tumblr page or a YouTube channel, black out your logo in protest. If you have a website you can also run a splash page asking your visitors to contact Congress.

Visit to write your representatives.

Joel Kehle

P.S. If you haven’t heard already, there’s a new bill in Congress called ‘SOPA’ that could pass *this month*. It would let the US government shut down websites, and jail users for posting harmless copyrighted clips to sites like YouTube or Tumblr. The bill would chill innovation, create huge liability for startups, and would set a terrible global precedent for government censorship of the internet. There’s a video at the link above if you’d like to learn more. After you take action, keep spreading the word!

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