My 44th Birthday

I turned 44 on Tuesday March 9th 2010.

Anthony and I were going to celebrate on the Saturday prior by going to dinner at our friend Lauren’s new restaurant on Highland, but Anthony was under the weather. A strong antibiotic was giving him and the infection a rough time. Instead we went to the Come On In Cafe for lunch, walked over and saw Crazy Heart at the arclight and then bought a copy of BioShock for the PS3. It’s an old and popular game, so we had to go to two different GameStops to purchase the game. The rest of the day was spent at home with Anthony napping will I got my geek on blowing monsters up in an underwater Ayn Rand fantasy gone very wrong. I’m not much of a first person shooter guy but the game conception was smart and the graphic design was evocative, ironic and beautiful.

On Sunday I finally opened my mail which includes two cards – one from my mom and one from my dad and Sylvia. Both had checks. It’s so funny that I’m old enough to have kids in college and my parents are sending me checks. I think I will always be their child no matter how old I get.

On Monday I started working out with a personal trainer at work. Yet another Qualcomm perk. Great trainer. Qualcomm gym. Very good rates. My birthday gift to myself. I need to invest some time on the machine. The trainer seems like a perfect fit. A guy named Gabriel who does free weights and yoga. He also trains people of all ages (up to the 80s) so he knows not to train me like a 20 year old. Exactly what I want right now.

On the actual birthday I was floored by the amount of Facebook love I was experiencing. So many well wishes! Work itself was fun. I got some great news (that I will discuss at another time.) After work I had a great cardio kick boxing class. For some reason the teacher played an “old” tape that had some of my favorite music: Lady Gaga, Pink, Katie Perry… It’s so funny to think hits from the spring of 2009 as old but that’s pop for you. I capped off the day by dining with Jopsy at Ono Sushi. The most excellent host Tony sat us at the sushi bar where chef Kato served his own choice of mouth watering sashimi, Mark made an equally delicious dirty sapphire martini (3 olives. Up.) with a birthday shot of his own devising thrown in for good measure. The staff at Ono is so cool! Since Jopys is lactose intolerant we passed on the ice cream and had frozen yogurt down the street. Not as high brow or hip but tasty nonetheless.

Later when asked how my day was going, I replied “The universe has been blowing copious amounts of rainbows and unicorns up my ass all day long. I like it! ”

Life is good.

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  • Martini, 3 olives up. 2 thumbs up. You can blow rainbows, unicorns, and pretty much anything after that. HBD, SAD.

  • Happy Birthday! My 44th Birthday was on 17th February this year!
    Matthias Kehle

  • Joel Kehle

    I’m a little late to reply but – congratulations and Happy Birthday! (actually now it should be Happy New Year!!!)