Notes to Myself

I changed the tagline for my blog today. Instead of “I wonder if I can make soup out of this” (which is a joke that only about three people will get), the tagline is “Notes to Myself”. I don’t consider myself “a blogger”. I don’t write with enough frequency and I’m not really writing for others. Instead I’m writing to remember. My partner Anthony and I both find that we are having trouble remembering what happened during “milestone” events in our life. What did we do for that anniversary? That birthday? New Years? With so many memories from my teens and twenties crystallized in my brain, its odd to find that my 30s are a blur… or at least not very well organized in my head. So enter the blog. It’s time to start writing little notes about events like anniversaries, birthdays and holidays. Yes – this could be called a diary but I also like to post things that I think are interesting at a particular point in time. I think we are living through an exciting period of history and it’s fun to document from my own point of view. So not quite a diary. More like notes to myself… which of course anyone is welcome to read.

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  • Derek Thaczuk

    I, too, was born in Xixax. You still need two more to make quota.